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The pace of innovation in AWS is insane. The average rate of new announcements is measured in several tenths every week. If you use AWS services, it is crucial to follow those announcements. That’s because each one of them might be relevant to your architectures, and any one of them might trigger a new iteration of improvements to achieve better operations excellence.

That is my list of links to open at least once a week to learn what’s new in AWS.

I know that is the standard starting point, but I prefer to start with This URL format that I adjust to the current year, and month, gives me flexibility. It gives me the list of the current updates with just the summary ordered in descending dates order.
If I need to search the whats-new database for past specific technology announcements, I go straight to and use the filters on the left to narrow my search.

The next step in my weekly cycle is the AWS blog at
If I need to search the blog for something specific, I use the Category menu, or even better, go to and use the filter panel on the left side to narrow my search.

If I have time (And I usually don’t), I watch the weekly update video at This gives me what are the most important announcements according to AWS.

Talking about Videos and some free time, I regularly browse the following video channels:

If you love to be distracted, You can also subscribe to the official AWS Twitter channel at for updates or visit the official AWS Facebook page at

I hope this list will be helpful and help you deal with the overflow of information.

Please, give me feedback on my list of links and how to improve it.

What is your technique to keep up to date with AWS innovations?

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