Plan your Learning path in the AWS universe.

No kidding, AWS is an enormous universe of knowledge, and you are not going to cover it by reading one “tell it all” book or attending a crystal ball course that explains everything. It is just too big. You must plan your learning path carefully, especially if you don’t have free time and wish to be efficient.

The first step is to focus. Yes, You want to know everything, but it is an aspiration and not a practical goal. You can’t know everything when you have hundreds of services, and new features and services are innovated every day. Luckily, AWS has a lot of experience in knowledge gap analysis (My favorite subject) and knowledge gap bridging, so, way not to use AWS experience to guide you.

AWS gives you two selection criteria to help you prepare your learning path: by role and by solution. In the role categories, you have: Architect, Cloud Practitioner, Developer, DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning, and Operations. In the solution categories, you have Advanced Networking, Data Analytics, Databases, Game Tech, Machine Learning, Media Services, Security, and Storage.

In each one of the categories, AWS gives you more information. But, the more valuable item is the Ramp-Up Guide for the specific role or solution.

The Ramp-Up Guide includes a complete learning plan for the role or solution with direct links to the relevant reading material, digital courses, and virtual classroom training. The list contains time estimation for each one of the items, so you can plan ahead and adjust your learning plan with your schedule.

To make a short story long, go to the Learning by Role or Solution page, and start planning your learning paths in the AWS universe.

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